Vanessa Guerrero-Pinate and Lorena Guerrero are two Venezuelan moms who wanted to make sure that their kids grew up bilingual. Combining their hopes for their own children with a desire to enrich the lives of other kids in the Jacksonville, Fla. area, they started Chamos Language Academy. ChamosLA offers children as young as 3 years old the chance to learn about Spanish language and culture through classes at day care centers and elementary schools. Their multi-sensory activities include art, music and play to help children fall in love with Spanish.

My successes. 

Guerrero-Pinate and Guerrero have successfully launched their business, created an enticing website, and partnered with a current total of 10 schools.

How SCORE helped. 

Guerrero-Pinate and Guerrero attended a host of SCORE workshops as they prepared to launch their business. They also worked with SCORE mentor Rob Duncan, who guided them from the idea phase to their launch. “As challenges and problems arose he guided us and kept us on task so we could keep moving forward,” they say.


Chamos Language Academy, LLC