The Startup Roadmap: Module 11 - Staffing Your Business December 30, 2019

Starting a business by yourself can be difficult. Hiring help for your business can allow you to focus on your strengths while enlisting others to handle the areas where you have less experience.

In module 11 of the SCORE Startup Roadmap, you’ll think through the costs and benefits of hiring workers and whether you should hire employees, independent contractors or both.

If you aren’t a “people person,” hiring a salesperson can help you attract more clients. And if you’re opening a store, restaurant, service business or other types of business that will interact directly with customers, you’ll need employees to handle some of the work.

The SCORE Startup Roadmap includes these 12 modules, but you do not have to stop at every exit:

Starting a business may seem overwhelming, but with the SCORE Startup Roadmap and your mentor, you don’t have to do it alone.

The Startup Roadmap: Module 11 - Staffing Your Business