Don’t Let Marketing Bite You: 4 Ways to Reach More Customers April 25, 2017, 1:00pm EDT

Finding new customers is a top priority for small business owners, but is often costly and time consuming.  

In this session, you’ll learn how Deluxe helped Robert Herjavec’s Shark Tank investments solve their biggest marketing challenges, including:

  • How to reach new customers using Facebook
  • How to attract more web traffic and increase online sales
  • How to cost-effectively reach existing customers
  • How to use free online listings to get found locally

Download the webinar transcript.

About the Presenter(s)

 Amanda  Brinkman

Amanda Brinkman is a small-business marketing expert and Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe Corporation, where she leads a team of experts who provide marketing services to millions of small businesses across America.

Chief Brand Officer, Deluxe Corporation
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